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 How To Get On The Server

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PostSubject: How To Get On The Server   Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:11 pm

Hello im going to start off by telling you the server is a hamachi server.
I had to do this because for 3 years i have tried to make a server the old fashioned way,
but i have failed many times.
So here we are a hamachi server, my last resort. Razz

Many people hate hamachi for unknown reasons, but i could careless, as long as u like the looks of the server, dont hold back!

If you want to play you must follow these steps if you do not know them already.

1. Download Hamachi: http://download.cnet.com/LogMeIn-Hamachi2/3000-2651_4-10605260.html

2. Now, run hamachi and click "Network" then "Join An Existing Network"

3. For the "Network ID" Type SkillerZcape or SkillerZcapev1! (REMEMBER THE CAPITALS!) . If v3 doesnt work its because its full, so just go into v4, they are the same thing! and for the "Password" put in 123

4. Now the hard part is out of the way, so now download my client at the client download section or here: mediafire.com ?wjyztjoqmwj

5. And lastly, just extract that to your desktop using "WinRaR" now double click run and log in with any username and password! Have Fun!

Note: Each time you want to play you must always run hamachi and enter the network and pass, and leave that window open or u wont connect! Arrow

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How To Get On The Server
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