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 ADI's Admin App

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PostSubject: ADI's Admin App [PENDING]   Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:25 am

User name: My username ingame and on the forums is ADI

Past admin experience: Well i have been with alot of servers and have even hosted and coded my own, i know of all the admin powers. I know when to use them and how to use them properly. If you want some sort of proof i was woth a few servers Sosolid Pkz, Pvp conflict, Hellz Angelz, BerkyScape when it was a 317. But all of these great servers have sadly shut down, Except for BerkyScape which is doing quite well with their hd server.

Any foes you have made while playing: No, all of the players i have played with so far have been very nice.

What you intend to do to help the server: I would intend to have the server build i great community, by helping new players, jailing or even banning players who break the rules to keep everything good. Also i can give ideas to make the server better, and advertising, voting ect. to get the server more people. =]


How long do you plan on being on the server daily: I plan on being on the server from about 3 hours on weekdays, and for a while on the weekends. I plan to spend more time on the forums making guides, answering questions and looking over posts for other players.

What you have previously done to help the community: So far not too much but i am planning on posting some guides of how to make money and mastering lvls.

Post count: 0 because i have just joind the server.

Past times when you have been in trouble: 0

Favorite Game system: My favorite game system would have to be the Ps3, i just love the graphics in 1080 p its amazing. And i grew up playing playstation concels.

Favorite game: My all time favorite game would be between cod: Mw2 and GranTurismo 5 prolouge

Hours you are on the Epic-Skillz chat: So far 2 i would say but i will be on almost all the time.

Thanks for your time,

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Pedo Bear


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PostSubject: Re: ADI's Admin App   Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:23 pm

God damn thats long x....x
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ADI's Admin App
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