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 How to add commands.

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PostSubject: How to add commands.   Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:13 am

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Open your client.java and search "if(command.startsWith("pure")&& playerRights >= 1) {" (without the ""). You will see something like
if(command.startsWith("pure")&& playerRights >= 1) {
addSkillXP(140000000, 0);
addSkillXP(140000000, 2);
addSkillXP(140000000, 3);
addSkillXP(140000000, 4);
addSkillXP(140000000, 6);
sM("You how now a SkillerzScape pure pker");
Under that put
if(command.startsWith("\\\")&& playerRights >= *) {

change \\\ to what you want them to activate the command and * to the player rights needed at least to use the command.

Player commands:
0 = Player
1 = Mod
2 = Admin
3 = Co-owner/owner
4 = Hidden Admin

Between { and } will be want you want to happen. Always end the stuff you want to happen with ; to show that the line has ended. For example:
addSkillXP(140000000, 0);
addSkillXP(140000000, 2);

To make it so it teleports you its going to go like this
 triggerTele(****, \\\\, /);
**** stands for the xCoords, \\\\ is for the yCoords and / is for the height.

To make it so it Gives an item it will go like this
**** is the items ID and / is how many to give you.

To make it so it gives xp to a skill it will go like this
 addSkillXP(*****, //);
***** is how much xp to give if command is used and // is what skill to give it to(it will be a number like 20, i dont know the numbers to the skills.)

You can put them all together to get something like this
if(command.startsWith("hello")&& playerRights >= 1) {
addSkillXP(140000000, 22);
triggerTele(2584, 3913, 0);
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How to add commands.
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